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so We Expect the Best.

Interim managers are seasoned executives with at least twenty years' of practical experience in the workplace. They have held high ranking executive and C-level positions and have had a number of direct reports during their time in a leadership position.

An interim manager's attitude is just as important as the job he/she is contracted to perform. He/she must be flexible and available on-demand, have a positive and unbiased outlook, not be afraid to get his/her hands dirty and be comfortable working either alone or as part of a team.

An interim management company does not offer full-time employment and is not a placement agency; it provides executives to a company on a short-term basis during periods of change. These opportunities come primarily through the networks of the individual Principals, from third party relationships the Practice has developed, or through web based marketing.

Osborne interim managers are independent contractors who benefit from the collective team approach of the Practice, while still essentially operating his/her own business. Osborne Principals are expected to participate in the team dynamic and be an instrumental part in building the business and prospecting new clients.


"Osborne provided our organization with insightful and efficient personnel for our accounting records, processes and reports. During their tenure, they improved reporting accuracy and made numerous changes in process for organizational effectiveness. I would highly recommend the Osborne solution."

COO, Not-for-Profit

"With Osborneā€™s assistance, we validated our business concept in the marketplace and identified potential partners for our social enterprise, giving us more than a kickstart at launch. They listened to our goals and objectives, completed all work on time, and exceeded our expectations and the plan scope. We would recommend their services without reservation."

Garth Johnson, CEO, Meticulon

"Osborne provided us with the interim management and business advisory services we needed at a critical juncture for the company. I would highly recommend them."

Dr. Kevin Maloney, Board Chair, Line of Fire Inc.